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Watch the Better Call Saul prequel here

better call saul prequel

By Matthew Creith | 17 seconds ago

When Saul Goodman’s character first appeared on the small screen in Breaking Bad more than a decade ago, fans of the long-running series expected to see more of Albuquerque’s criminal attorney someday. Actor Bob Odenkirk brought the character to a prequel series titled Better call Saul, which will soon air the second part of its sixth and final season on AMC. However, as SlashFilm reported earlier this year, a Better call Saul prequel is in the works, and now the first full episode has just premiered.

O Better call Saul prequel is an animated spin-off of the series called Slipping Jimmy. When viewers tuned in to watch Saul Goodman in the prequel series Better call Saulit was revealed that Saul actually used to be called Jimmy McGill before the events of Breaking Bad, as he was a con artist before becoming a criminal defense attorney. The first full episode of Slipping Jimmy is available to the public via YouTube, and the remaining five episodes are scheduled to premiere between now and the premiere of Part 2 of Season 6 of best Caul Saul on July 11, 2022.

Slipping Jimmy is not simply a Better call Saul prequel as it can be seen as an animated series that stands alone. As audiences have fallen in love over the years with Jimmy McGill’s flawed personality, Slipping Jimmy takes fans on a ride in the first episode titled “After Bedtime”. The episode shows Jimmy and his longtime friend Marco Pasternak as young crooks, sneaking out of their house to try to steal a comic book called lady maze from a local comic book store. Though I don’t mean to be as dark and cowardly as Breaking Bad and Better call Saul became, Slipping Jimmy will serve as a placeholder before the last one goes down permanently.

While it’s not the first time creator Vince McGill has split his original creation from Breaking BadThis new Better call Saul The prequel brings back some familiar faces as it hopes to strengthen the personalities of the characters that fans have grown up to have a love/hate relationship with. Just like it was done with the 2019 movie The way, the exploration of the characters from the Breaking Bad franchise has been a focal point for the incredible writing presented to audiences. Written by Better call Saul writers Kathleen Williams-Foshee and Ariel Levine, Slipping Jimmy can be a fun look at the origins of breaking bad criminal minds told in the vein of ’70s cartoons. Each episode will pay homage to a film genre, from spaghetti westerns to The Exorcist.

In addition to Better call Saul prequel to Slipping Jimmy, Variety reports that AMC will debut two other short series related to the Breaking Bad franchise. These will be Cooper’s Bar presenting Better call Saul’s Rhea Seehorn and the public will also be able to see new episodes of the series Better Call Saul employee training video. Slipping Jimmy is set to have Chi McBride, Laraine Newman and Sean Giambrone as part of its voice cast.


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