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Top 2 ways to earn more money than what you get from what you studied for

Top 2 ways to earn more money than what you get from what you studied for

1. Create a business idea for yourself

A business idea is one of the things that are helping people to earn more money……it’s a way on which you can be your own boss manage or set your own salary …..and also won’t have to work for anyone else…..this is also important because the unemployment rate is also increasing you can even hire people on that business of yours ……this will also reduce violences,stress and crimes because not having money causes stress and crimes because most people want easy cash and we all know that getting money ain’t easy……you just have to work hard for it….a business idea also helps you reach your goals easily without depending upon others …..and as a woman you become independent and that’s what we’re all looking for…. being independent 


Self introspection helps you to realize what you are good at …..and once you know what you’re good at you can turn that into a business idea and also use it to make money …..some talents can turn you into a business woman or man …..it doesn’t always depend on what you studied for…..because sometimes you may find that you’re not being hired for what you studied for and adjusting to something ain’t for everyone so you can just do what you like and create a business out of it …..and also realizing your gift….that one can take you far ….because a gift is not something you’ll have to go to class for or have experience….it’s just what is within you…..most business were started as a gift or someone just doing what they love and enjoy….they just realized that what’s the point of doing what I love without earning anything whereas I can do it and earn some money and use it to reach my goals…..some thing you need to know is that you won’t be able to reach your goals if you’re broke …..so come up with a business idea today it’s never too late to start…


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