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Jubilee News: Calls on the Scottish Republic as Fury Erupts with ‘Taxpayer Funded’ Jubilee Begging | Real | News

Jubilee News: Calls on the Scottish Republic as Fury Erupts with 'Taxpayer Funded' Jubilee Begging | Real | News

Calls for Scotland to cut ties with the Monarchy have been growing on social media as the Queen’s four-day Platinum Jubilee celebrations begin with pomp and pageantry at the Trooping the Color ceremony this morning. Scots labeled those celebrating “plastic patriots” and chafed that celebrating the Queen’s milestone was a “sham”.

While many argued that Scotland could not become independent if it was led by the Royal Family.

This comes despite Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who is desperate to wrest Scotland from the Union, congratulating the Queen on a “lifetime of service” ahead of her Platinum Jubilee.

Speaking at the Scottish Parliament, Sturgeon said the Queen played an “integral role” in the history of modern Scotland and said it was no surprise that the occasion is celebrated so widely.

And she urged all Scots to mark Her Majesty’s “values ​​of integrity, wisdom, justice and compassion” – regardless of their views on the institution of the British monarchy.

But Scots on Twitter were less than impressed.

Artisans17 tweeted: “You will all be triumphant and plastic patriots over the jubilee for the next few days………….I predict. ScottishRepublic #ScottishIndependence”

Laird Marks LannRosach said: “#MakeElizabethTheLast unelected foreign monarch in our land. #ScottishIndependence2023 followed by #ScottishRepublic #feedthehungry”

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Bill Cruickshank said: “The idea that Scotland is celebrating this farce is a joke. The media will do their best to say otherwise, but we in Scotland know the truth. #ScottishRepublic #ScottishIndependence2023

Indie posted: “The monarchy is an outdated and archaic institution and has no place in a modern society.

“Birth privilege is something I cannot understand – and those who take off their caps and tug at their forelocks must kneel. #AbolishTheMonarchy #ScottishRepublic”

James Kent said: “It is everyone’s right to walk away from the monarchy and the class system that walks on its tail. There is nothing remarkable about both of them other than the riches of the others’ backs.

YesScots #ScottishNeverBritish #EndTheUnion #TridentOut #ScottishRepublic”

Others also pointed to the cost of living crisis engulfing the UK.

SaltireBlack added: “The Jubilee is an abomination.

“Celebrating the richest woman on the planet is obscene when so many have to choose between heating and eating.

“Now is not the time to worship the aristocracy when so many are struggling to live. #Scottish Republic”

After 70 years of service to the country and the Commonwealth, thousands of supporters take to the streets during the long holiday to mark the monarch’s milestone.

The once-in-a-lifetime event will see members of the monarchy, celebrities from the UK and around the world and people from all parts of the UK come together to recognize the Queen’s legacy.


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