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How To Make Full Use of Article Marketing

In recent years article and content writing has become a phenomena on the internet and literally millions of people all over the world are writing articles every day and submitting them to an article directory. There is hardly any other way to get your articles published unless you submit them to article directories. Now with so many people writing articles it makes sense that there should be many Article submitting services available to handle the load of new articles added each day. So how do you choose one to handle your articles?

By reading the terms and conditions of each one you consider using you can make an informative decision on which directory to use. It would certainly be to your advantage to make sure you choose one that has been reviewed by many writers and can offer you added value in which ever form that suits your needs. A good article submission service should be able to get you high rankings on Google’s pages or any other search engine. You need not use only one service. You article can be submitted to many Directories without it being a problem. Some Directories will not allow for you to submit your articles to other directories as well without it being spinned or varied from the original. Other directories don’t mind at all and you need to make sure if the service you are inclined to use will allow it or not, according to your own preferences.

Many article writers believe that they will be penalised by search engines for submitting duplicate articles. This is not the real truth and most search engines don’t mind multiple copies of the same content. According to Google, they don’t filter for duplicate copies at all. If they did, this would mean that any piece of new information or news published anywhere on any website, could not be distributed and send to all news agencies. It would also mean that the same advertisement cannot be used twice or on multiple web pages. Still any search engine worth it weight would consider or have some system in place to prevent duplication in their search pages. Should they not, they will loose their credibility as a search engine giving you a variety of results related to your search. To stop this from happening, the search engine you use will in a fraction of a second search through already published content and check which are older content and which are newer or more original content. This would mean that should you have twenty or more published articles all of the same nature or duplicates of each other, the search engines will list the first one they find, rank it highly and then rank the other similar articles much lower and list them on later pages of the search.

What could then possibly be the use of submitting any of your other articles if they are only going to be almost ignored by the search engines? Remember that your article is valuable to those who want to use and publish it. You article could be published on any high ranking website and still end up being read by the thousands of internet users visiting your host site. With your back links in place, traffic will still be generated to your site and having being read on high ranking pages makes your article seem relevant and important. So submitting those other articles makes a lot of sense and is still beneficial to your success.

It becomes an interesting point then that article directories often won’t allow for duplicates of your article to be submitted to other directories. When a search engine searches for content and keywords, the articles from lastly searched directories would only rank on the later pages or won’t be included in the results at all as the search engine already found that article on the first article directory searched. But this is exactly why Directories should be maintained and kept up to date, getting your articles published as soon as possible.


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