Home Celebrities Heard-Depp trial is a reality TV check for #MeToo

Heard-Depp trial is a reality TV check for #MeToo

Heard-Depp trial is a reality TV check for #MeToo

But the response to Heard tells us nothing about whether Depp was actually violent towards his ex-wife, and all about fears that #MeToo has gone intemperate. That it has transformed from providing social protection to women for reporting serious crimes and misdemeanors to a cudgel to punish men who are clumsy or clumsy. Heard has been the victim of a backlash against a movement that has gone from an encouragement to ‘believe women’ who have finally found a voice to speak out about rape, harassment and abuse, to an implied ‘believe all women’. The attacks on Heard are actually an attack on the idea that women can never be violent, complicit, confusing or wrong.


Men’s rights activists call bad behavior in women “toxic femininity,” mimicking the charge of “toxic masculinity” applied to a wide range of male behavior, from tough poses to outdated attitudes toward real violence. But behind the machismo of rolling back the jargon against women is a deep-seated fear.

The response reflects a fear that while experts believe there are far fewer cases of domestic partner violence against men, those who do experience abuse will be belittled or questioned if they say it out loud.

It indicates that even women know that women can be violent, evil or opportune, and can be scared
that men they know or love would one day not be believed themselves.

It reflects that by focusing on the statistical probability that women underreport rape, the MeToo movement is failing to grapple with the fact that false reports exist and can have a devastating effect on life. of the accused.


No doubt it is also, to some extent, a response to the politicization of #MeToo, with the women to be believed too often selected to fulfill the purposes of a motivated mob. Just like Heard has been selected by a mix of Depp fans and fanatics determined to mold her into a mold they created themselves.

Fear does not absolve anyone of the misery that has piled up on Heard online.

But it explains why the pro-Depp and pro-Heard camps have fallen into absolutist positions in deciding who to believe and disbelieve on the basis of a marital breakdown of broadcast quality. A culture that has deprived itself of the means to explore its fears through fiction proves unable to control reality.

Or as Martha says, “Truth or illusion, George, you don’t know the difference.”

But we must continue as if we do.

#MeToo is not dead unless we allow it to become a binary morality too rigid to adapt.

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