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A Post-Roe America – The New York Times

A Post-Roe America - The New York Times

State bans likely apply to all forms of abortion, and conservative states are already trying to crack down on medical abortion, as my colleague Kate Zernike reported. But stopping the pill-based form is not so easy. “The pills are easily accessible online and the laws are very difficult to enforce because they are sent privately in the mail,” Claire said.

One major provider is Aid Access, an international organization run by a Dutch doctor, Rebecca Gomperts, which is committed to keeping abortion accessible even in places where it is illegal. Aid Access often connects Americans with European doctors, and people can order pills even if they’re not pregnant, to have them on hand if they want them later. (In 2014, Emily Bazelon profiled Gomperts in The Times Magazine.)

Carole Joffe, a professor at the University of California, San Francisco who has studied the history of abortion, said that Roe’s downfall would lead some women to seek physically dangerous methods to terminate a pregnancy — “as if their boyfriend hit them. in the belly or jumping down the stairs or taking dangerous herbs.” But, added Joffe, “there is now a very safe extralegal option.”

Even with these caveats, Roe’s ouster will reduce access to abortion. The effect is likely to be greatest among low-income women and black and Hispanic women. Many will not be able to afford to travel to another state and may not have access to doctors, nurses, friends or relatives who can help them navigate the abortion pill ordering process.

“Actually, America without Roe would be very different for different people,” wrote Claire and Margot.


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