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A $30 million boost to make NSW outdoor public spaces safer for women

The New South Wales government has announced a $30 million project to make outdoor spaces in the city safer for Ladies ‘at night.

The Perrottet government has announced in its upcoming budget a major financial boost for women’s security measures and support services for victims of sexual and domestic violence.

Women’s Security Secretary Natalie Ward said the $30 million will be split over two years to improve lighting and CCTV in parks and outdoor spaces across NSW, starting with Parramatta and the Rocks.

“It is an absolute travesty that one in six people in our country suffers from sexual harassment or sexual assault,” said NSW Prime Minister Dominic Perrottet.

“While we have made significant progress over time, this is a scourge to our state and nation.

Treasurer Matt Kean said the funding will include a task force of women and girls to discuss which parks and bushland need better lighting and CCTV to protect women.

“Safety is a fundamental human right and even in our beautiful city far too many women don’t feel safe walking around at night,” he said.

“As women walk home from work, they don’t have to worry about what lurks in the shadows.”

Data from the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research shows that in the past year more than 220 women reported being victims of sex crimes in parks, bushland and gardens across the state.

The government has also announced a larger $100 million package, which will include the $30 million for upgrading outdoor spaces.

This package includes $69 million to improve enveloping services for victims of sexual and domestic violence.

Survivor Amanda Morgan said this funding injection is fundamental to expanding services to victims of domestic and sexual violence in regional parts of the state.

However, she added that it is only a step towards change.

“An extremely exciting investment,” Morgan said.

An additional $4.8 million will also be invested in the Respect at Work Taskforce, which aims to educate workplaces and eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace.

This comes after Kate Jenkins’ landmark parliamentary inquiry into sexual harassment at work.

“We need to eradicate sexual harassment at work,” Perrottet said.

Full details of the funding announcement will be revealed in the state budget next week.


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