Home Tech WhatsApp Will Present Quick Reactions Feature, What’s Its Function?

WhatsApp Will Present Quick Reactions Feature, What’s Its Function?

WhatsApp Will Present Quick Reactions Feature, What's Its Function?

WhatsApp has become a messaging service that has many users around the world. Starting from children, teenagers, to adults, not a few who regularly send messages via WhatsApp. In order to maintain its existence, WhatsApp does not stop innovating for the sake of innovation. One form of innovation that is routinely carried out is the launch of a number of new features. WhatsApp itself is known to often release a variety of new features to its users. Since it was first released in 2009, WhatsApp has launched countless new features. Recently, this Meta subsidiary is rumored to be launching a new feature again. WhatsApp is reportedly going to release a new feature called Quick Reactions.

“WhatsApp is preparing message reactions (with end-to-end encryption) in the upcoming new WhatsApp beta update for Android and iOS,” wrote the WABetaInfo account.

As the name suggests, this feature can help users to reply to other users quickly. The Quick Reactions feature itself is intended by WhatsApp to reply to other users’ status updates quickly. You could say, its functions and uses are similar to the Quick Reactions feature on Instagram. Later, users can reply to other users’ statuses using the 8 emojis provided by WhatsApp. The eight emoji include a smiling face with heart-shaped eyes (love), laughing expression, mouth opening expression, crying expression, two palms pressed together, clapping, party accessories, and a score of 100. It is not yet known when this Quick Reactions feature will start. launched to users. But it doesn’t seem like it will take long, considering that similar features have been launched on other platforms. Meanwhile, until now WhatsApp has not provided any information regarding the release schedule for the Quick Reactions feature. Currently, the WhatsApp Quick Reactions feature is available in the Beta version of WhatsApp Desktop. In the future, WhatsApp will launch the Quick Reactions feature on other platforms, including iOS and Android.


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