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The “included groups”… a historic decision during the Khalifa era

The “included groups”… a historic decision during the Khalifa era

Reda Saleem (Dubai)

The late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may his soul rest in peace, will remain in the memory of generations and sporting heroes, after he left a mark on all corners of UAE sport with support, assistance, laws, decisions and the reception. of heroes, so the motto for all heroes remains “We will not forget you, Khalifa”, and it was not limited to The matter is citizens, but extended to all residents of the Emirates who were covered by the support and care of the late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may his soul rest in peace, following his directives on the participation of the covered groups in the activities, where the Council of Ministers approved the federal law on the executive regulation for the participation of players from the covered groups in sports competitions, which include children of UAE citizens, state passport holders, people born in the country and residents of the country, a decision that came into force in 2018.
The landmark decision represented a major qualitative leap for UAE sport by changing the participation map that has been known for some 45 years, reflects the directions of the state and helps expand the participant base and raise the level of sport in general. . , and a new confirmation of the message of the UAE based on coexistence, tolerance, peace and love between the components and groups of its authentic society. From the reality of its direct reflection, in contrast to the two categories of children of state citizens and state passport. headlines, about some 206 nationalities residing in the Emirates, which leads the world in terms of the multiplicity of nationalities residing on its soil.
Official figures indicate that there are 15,000 players in 31 clubs in all games, including 6,235 players in football alone, as opposed to ju jisto players, whose figures exceed 150,000 players.

The first official statistics revealed that those registered on the women’s club lists, after the decision was issued, amounted to 485 players in 12 games, and the number doubled in recent seasons, along with passport holders and those born in the state. , whose figures are expected. In contrast, the number of players registered in the Football Association reached 6,591 Players in the 15 categories of the registration lists, which include the first team, external competitions, youth teams, youth teams, youth and under 18,16, 15,14,13,12 in addition to soccer schools that include around 618 players, in addition to futsal players and that add up to 160 players.
The total number of players registered in the Football Association is distributed in 31 clubs, which are the lists of clubs registered in the Football Association, where Shabab Al Ahli Dubai Club is at the head of the clubs that welcome more players, with 539 players. , while there are only 35 players in Falaj Al Mualla Club, and the number of players registered in the Football Association is from Children of female citizens have 239 male players and 11 female players of children of residents, who participate in the reserve league. , in addition to 54 male residents who participate in the age groups. The historic decision put the federations and clubs in front of a new challenge in how to take advantage of talent and work to develop it at the service of citizen players, and thus raise the competitive level that enhances the position of each match in the table. map of the different competencies, and this goes through a full interaction in order to implement the decision mechanisms and work for its success, to achieve the goals and objectives for which it was issued.
The regulation included the mechanisms for applying the decision at the level of all sports federations according to five models, including the Football Association, team sports federations (basketball, volleyball, handball), game sports federations individual, the Federation of the Disabled, the team sports federations (rugby, hockey, ice hockey), this is consistent with the lofty message and wise vision of the UAE under the umbrella of wise leadership and its pioneering and supportive role to achieve progress with the message of coexistence, tolerance, peace and love among the components. and groups of their authentic society.
The directive of the late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may his soul rest in peace, issued in early November of last year 2017, comes in light of the government’s instructions to activate and support the movement and various sports activities in the country , benefit from the skills and talents of the country’s athletes, and promote their participation in the various activities and official events held in the country, especially since sport is an integral part of civilization and the progress of peoples and societies, and has received unprecedented participation from all strata of society.

The regulation, which came in six chapters, included the mechanisms to implement the decision in clear images, and the third article of the first chapter related to the general framework stipulated to define five declared objectives for the regulation, which included instilling national loyalty and belonging, expanding the foundation of competitive sports for all sports, refine and unleash the energies and abilities and creations of athletes of those categories, and build an integrated system that defines legal and administrative provisions and controls, and defines registration policies and procedures. categories, in accordance with the regulations and controls approved by the Authority.
The regulations, regarding the determination of entry and registration numbers, stipulated that players in the category of children of citizens and holders of state passports must be treated as citizen players.
The decision reflected the degree of enthusiasm to benefit from the decision of the late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may God have mercy on him, to open up a wide field for athletes and form a solid base of talents and distinguished elements, in a way that raises the sports level and achieves the desired goals of participating in competitions and achieving titles and medals. The decision is addressed to a large segment of society, which flows in one direction, since it includes different categories in all individual games and of equipment. .

featured player
The decision provided for granting the Authority the right, through a decision of its president, to exclude the distinguished player registered under this system from continuing to practice the sporting activity or game after having exceeded eighteen years AD in the category of player citizen, on based on the requirements of the public interest and on the basis of a reasoned recommendation of the federations in question, and in accordance with the foundations and rules established by the Authority.

Representing the teams
The Professional League decided to modify the names of the two categories of resident and born players, to players authorized to represent the teams, and increase the players registered in this category to 5 players, provided that the application from the next season within the decisions made by the League recently to increase foreign and resident players on the club rosters from next season, provided that 8 players from the foreign player and qualified player categories are allowed to register to represent the teams on the roster matches, with a maximum of 6 players participating in the field of these categories.
These decisions are in the interest of Emirati football, which seeks talent through its residents, and in accordance with the historic decision of the late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may God have mercy on him.

15,000 players in 31 clubs in all matches

April 24, 2018
Announcing the adoption by the Cabinet of the executive regulations for the participation of players from the categories covered by the guidance of the late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may God have mercy on him, in official sports competitions approved by the Council of Ministers.

February 14, 2018
The first meeting of the Board of Directors of the General Sports Authority, to approve the presentation of the mechanism to implement the directives of the late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may his soul rest, to the esteemed Council of Ministers for approval. before immediate implementation begins.

November 1, 2017
Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may God have mercy on him, ordered that the children of female citizens and passport holders whose registration summary is under the procedure, in addition to those born in the state, participate in official sports. contests held in the state, and not require state citizenship for participation in these contests.

October 10, 2017
The meeting of the Board of Directors of the General Authority for the Welfare of Youth and Sports headed by Muhammad Al-Mahmoud, Vice President, discusses the issue of player registration of the children of citizens and holders of state passports in the player category citizen. , and instructs the General Secretariat of the Authority to prepare a comprehensive study on all the procedures in this regard.

June 13, 2015
The Federal National Council requires, during the discussion of the topic “The Policy of the General Directorate of Youth Welfare and Sports in the development of sports clubs and youth centers”, to study the possibility of allowing the participation of the children of citizens in sport, and adopt an implementation mechanism for the approval of the Council of Ministers on the recommendations issued by the Federal National Council related to the axes of the general theme.

November 8, 2009
Announcing the decision of His Excellency Abdul Rahman Al Owais, Minister of Culture, Youth and Community Development, former Chairman of the General Authority for Youth Welfare and Sports No. 154 of 2009 regarding the participation of children of female citizens as players in the category of citizen player in all federations and games, starting from the 2009-2010 sports season, according to the availability of several conditions, the most prominent of which is not to exceed the age of the player is 18 years.

Article 19
Article 19 of the Sixth Chapter of the Regulations establishes the following: The registration of players over 18 years of age in the categories of national and resident in the Football Association is restricted to three players for each age, and to 10 players in the categories of volleyball and handball federations, compared to open registration in the rest of the age groups For the same federations, open registration for all categories in the federations of individual games, the disabled and the rest of the collective sports federations (rugby, hockey, ice hockey).


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