Home Tech The hidden story of Dragon Age turns Isabela into a monster

The hidden story of Dragon Age turns Isabela into a monster

The hidden story of Dragon Age turns Isabela into a monster

While the fan favorite character Isabella can be adored by dragon ageFanbase of , her hidden backstory reveals a terrible sin in her past. Isabella is the self-proclaimed “queen of pirates”, and featured prominently in the 2011 video game Dragon Age IIbut his backstory is fully fleshed out in the 2012 comic. Dragon Age: The Speakers. Fans have often enjoyed his sarcasm and laid-back personality, but one crucial piece of information calls his entire character into question.

It is not an understatement to say that Isabela is a complicated person with an even more complicated past. Her carefree outward attitude belies a hidden conflict that leads to erratic actions in the comic and culminates in the reveal of her insidious past. The comic begins with Isabela’s team entering a fancy party in the Tevinter Empire, a nation built by elven slaves and ruled by wizards. The party quickly turns into chaotic violence that fans clearly see Isabela enjoying. The climax occurs when she stabs her former lover and slave trader, Lord Devon. Outwardly Isabela delights in this action. However, it becomes very obvious that this is the culmination of a decade of pent-up rage, shame, and torment.


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The source of her animosity towards Devon is made clear by the revelation that he was present for, and partly responsible for, Isabela’s most embarrassing moment. When Isabela became a pirate she decided to enter the slave trade business to pay off her debts. Devon hired her to transport slaves on her ship the sirens call. This revelation is shocking and provides future context for his intense distaste for the slave trade. Unfortunately, halfway through the journey, they come across an Orlesian ship, a group famous for executing slave traders. When Isabela was unable to outrun the Orlesians due to Devon exceeding the hold’s capacity, she clamped down. The weight of all these people made escape impossible, so Isabela had her crew throw the slaves overboard, one by one, so they wouldn’t have a chance to move, and she and Devon escaped. DRagon Age: The Speakers #2 comes from David Gaider, Alexander Freed and Chad Hardin.

Dragon Age Those Who Speak isabela

Years later, Isabela is still deeply ashamed of herself, culminating in her stabbing Devon in the heart. This is a series of great storytelling moments for Isabela and her fans. Not only does her monstrous backstory finally come to light after the clues in Kirkwall, but she also executes Lord Devon. It’s clear that Isabela still suffers from some kind of misplaced anger as she takes revenge for his role in the deaths she was ultimately responsible for. Despite her regret, the callous disregard she displayed for human life is shocking to fans of the comic series and games, and completely changes the context surrounding her character.

East dragon age The backstory turns a beloved member of the group into a much more monstrous figure. Although Isabela clearly feels guilty and struggles with her actions, the atrocities add a twisted element to her character that is impossible to ignore. Slave traders are irredeemable in dragon age society, to align Isabella with this it poses an interesting moral dilemma for fans of both comics and video games.

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