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If you owned a shop, you will have client and customers coming and going throughout the day, looking, touching and feeling your products and hopefully buying. This is also true of the virtual shop on the internet, but unfortunately you cannot touch, feel or smell a product when doing internet shopping. You potential customer cannot ask you all the relevant questions he/she would be asking in a normal shop. It is therefore your responsibility to write an article about your product that will inform your customer of how the product works, what they can expect from the product or how having it could make them happier, healthier or wiser.

By writing articles that describe the product or service well and give all information, you can get a possible sale. But how do you get those articles out there and how do you get them to be read by thousands of people?

Articles can be submitted to an article directory where your article will be “stored” until someone wants to use it on their website. Web designers, internet magazines and blog writers are often looking for quality material or content to use on their sites. They will then access an Article Directory service and when they like your article, publish it. Your article may not be changed and is copy protected. It also needs to pass copyscape which means your article is not a copy of someone else’s work. Nothing may be changed on your article and articles are usually 250 to 700 words long and my contain graphics. By using your article, the publisher gives you the opportunity to add a bio box or resource box at the end of your article. Here you add your contact details, email address and link to your website. Exposure like this is absolutely priceless and costs you virtually nothing.

When submitting your article to article directories, be sure to submit it in the correct category relevant to your article. There are often categories that cover a variety of subjects, or specific directories for every category. Make sure to choose the category best suited to your subject to prevent it from getting lost between the many other articles under the same heading. Also be sure to submit your articles manually. Although automated submissions are easier and often more successful, article directories are not inclined to accept it and might prevent your from further accessing their directory.

With the amount of article directories available on the internet, finding one should not be difficult. You can run a search on Google or try web-directories.ws or Directory Critics. Some article directories charge a nominal fee, but most services are free. You could also consider making use of a Search Engine Optimisation company or SEO to help you with submitting your articles and using the correct key and search words. It is always a good idea to read as many as needed reviews about the company you want to use before you make a decision. Reviews can be read on Digital Point, Site Point and V2n.com which are internet marketing forums. Use a SEO company that has a good reputation and has been doing business for at least a couple of years. They will have far more experience in the industry and would be able to assist you in getting the best rankings and traffic from your article to your website.

By submitting your article to an article directory, you agree to the terms and conditions of the company or service. It often takes a day or two for the service to accept your article as it first has to be accepted by them and meet the standards of the submission guidelines. Conformation email will be sent to you after approval of your article has been successful.


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