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British farmer says production lines were in Ukraine shortly before war and will get worse | World | News

British farmer says production lines were in Ukraine shortly before war and will get worse | World | News

David Butler, a British mixed family farmer, spoke exclusively to Express.com about why certain areas of the country had happy shelves. Ukraine’s ongoing bloody attack has resulted in valuable grain production lines being shut down, negatively impacting the global food industry. Mr Butler discussed seeing happy empty shelves where he lives in Wiltshire, England. The British farmer explained how the ongoing war in Ukraine will exacerbate floor production shortages that many Britons experience in supermarkets.

Mr Butler told Express.com: “I think it’s more of the already, we’ve all noticed gaps or what they call gappy shelves over the past year.

“Or at least I have in my corner of Wiltshire here you go to the supermarket, especially the fresh fruit section, there will be quite a few baskets there and obviously a lot of lines that were short.

“Obviously that’s before the situation in Ukraine, which we’ve gotten used to, maybe not quite the level of stock we’ve been used to in the past.

“There is no doubt that the current very serious situation with the terrible war going on in Ukraine will worsen.

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Mr Butler added: “I don’t think this is a passing situation, there are clearly many multifactorial reasons why that has happened.

“It’s very complicated, it’s just my view as a farmer who is clearly not as a professional within the industry, I think we can be sure, I call the medium term.

“I’m not saying it’s a long-term thing, but I would definitely say we’ll see in the next few years. I think we’ll still have happy shelves.”

Many Brits, like Mr Butler, have noticed rising food prices and gaping shelves.

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Ukraine is the breadbasket of Europe and as a result of the ongoing war in Ukraine, grain exports have been halted, causing massive shortages of supplies.

Many countries are heavily dependent on Ukrainian grain and it is feared that the poorest in society will suffer from the effects of the shortages.

Matthew Hollingsworth, WFP’s Emergency Coordinator for Ukraine, said: “There is no doubt that the world famine will get worse, that the famine will get worse.

“And we are in a situation where the world’s economies are only partially getting better from COVID-19 and this situation will tip many countries over the edge.”

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Former management consultant Robert Kimbell called on the UK to invest more in their own wheat stock.

Robert Kimbell tweeted: “According to trade monitoring site WTEx, the UK shipped $87,336,000 worth of wheat overseas in 2021.

“We have to do what India has done and stop exporting wheat.

“We need that British wheat here for our own needs now.”


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