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17 reasons why Wales should definitely host Eurovision

17 reasons why Wales should definitely host Eurovision

The BBC is in talks with the European Broadcasting Union “to possibly host the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in the UK” and there have been many talks about which city or place could host arguably one of the biggest song contests in the world.

In an announcement shared on Friday, EBU revealed that due to the ongoing war since Russia’s invasion of this year’s winning country, Ukraine, it was decided that the competition could not be held in the country. In the statement, they wrote: “The EBU would like to thank UA:PBC for their sincere cooperation and dedication in exploring all scenarios in the weeks since Kalush Orchestra’s victory in Turin on May 14 and share their sadness and disappointment that the Contest of next year not to be held in Ukraine.

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“As a result of this decision, in accordance with the rules and to ensure the continuity of the event, the EBU will now begin discussions with the BBC, as the number two this year, to possibly host the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest in the UK. to organise. .”

With this in mind, we decided to look at the reasons (and they are strong) why Wales should not only host Eurovision, but be brilliant at it!

1. Can we host a musical and cultural event known for its extravagant costumes…..ummm, we do it EVERY year!

2. Unlike some of our neighbors (no names) the rest of Europe likes us!

3. Dawnsio Gwerin Could Finally Become The New Riverdance

4. Goldie Lookin’ Chain would be the best British entry ever

5. And so would Dafydd Iwan, by the way!

Dafydd Iwan sings Here From Before the World Cup play-off final

6. Alex Jones, Maggi Noggi and Derek the Weather would make an epic presentation team

Derek hits the road in Penarth

7. We already have a huge camp, pink tent to perform in

8. But if the pink tent isn’t available, we’ve got other fantastic locations….like the best stadium in the world!

Some employers in Cardiff welcome people who have no experience in various jobs

9. We have the perfect referee to take care of the score

10. Let’s goreat at welcoming people

Yurii Kovryzhenko gets a hug from a Welsh fan ahead of the World Cup play-off final against Ukraine

11. And we are, after all, the land of songs

Pendyrus male voice

12. Welsh Twitter would be on fire

13. We have great landscapes to show during the pre-song postcards

14. Interval acts can include ‘Diamonds are Forever’ performed by Shirley Bassey or ‘Delilah’ by Tom Jones

…or even better, have them both on stage together!

15. The green room would have the same atmosphere as this place

16. And the tables in the green room would hold these for singers after they perform

17. And finally…….step aside Graham Norton!


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